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Serenity Now! Massage Therapy
Jane Wilson, LMT, CRM

(614) 806-7082
About Jane Wilson, LMT, CMR

A Massage Therapist since 1979, my professional interest in healing and growth has risen from my own process of becoming happy and whole. My current approach to that process involves Massage, Reflexology, Polarity and a great deal of Reiki.

I teach Reiki, Chi Lel QiGong, and Massage for Partners.

My intention is to support a general sense of health, well being, the remembering of our connection to our Source and who we truly are.

"Massage is Good Medicine"

Mission Statement:

In order to support the individual process of becoming a fully awake, authentic, and healthy human being,
I offer to the best of my ability an environment of nourishment, healing and growth.

My approach to health care is based on a wellness model: seeing people as whole, multi-dimensional beings - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - with a natural tendency to be balanced and healthy. "Dis-ease" and pain result when we have become stuck in a state of imbalance.

The goal of any therapy is to create conditions which allow the natural healing ability of the individual to be activated and enhanced, restoring balance to the body/mind. I offer a variety of therapies and classes to give people the opportunity to create optimal health and well-being.

"Good Medicine" has many meanings. In the Native American tradition, good medicine means the energy or essence of anything that can be drawn from to aid in healing or provide nurturing for the body/mind/spirit. Therefore it has a much broader interpretation than what we know as "medical".

Canal Winchester
All About You
Salon Suites: 57 West Waterloo Street

Upper Arlington/Grandview/Columbus
Essentials Massage:
1200 West Fifth Avenue, Suite 106
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(614) 806-7082

Jane Wilson is supported in her work by her husband, Terry Wilson, who helped her create this website with assistance from Jane's daughter Holly Wilson.
Terry can be reached through his website: www.terrywilson.com
or by phone at (614) 361-7390.